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AWGs for healthy safe water solutions

Never use hot water or soap again to wash your laundry!

The cleanest softest laundry you will ever have and save money while you wash.  Your cloths, sheets, towels and linens will feel new and alive better than new! Return on investment less than 1 year.  Our guarantee standard of 5yrs will assure you are worry free and cash flow positive while also helping our Blue Planet stay blue.

Atmospheric Water Generators create The purest and softest water on the planet.  

Over 37 Quadrillion Gallons of Water is in our air and available to you every day.

Each atmospheric water generator pulls humidity straight from the air and filters the water through a special patent condensation process. 

Water coming from our atmospheric water generators range in pH from 7.5 to 8.5. 

Any of our atmospheric water generators are compatible with solar panels to provide you the full ability to "GO GREEN."