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we are not afraid to think out of the box to create effective working solutions that fit the specific needs.  We adhere to this policy without waste or unnecessary overhead with all our designs. 

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​​​BLUE PLANET WATER & POWER​ Solar  & LED lighting

Our OEM partners all hold the highest ratings for products in their class and disciplines.  

Buying direct enables us to pass on the savings and higher quality systems to our clients 

Highest performance gear - Direct buying power = more for less

LG and Solar World  panels are rated in the top 2% for production. High end panels have far less de-rate in the high heat days of summer which = more power production.  Solar Edge inverters are simply the best state of the art solutions made and all we use.  Get free monitoring and production tracking for life. Pull it up to view your system from anywhere you have internet.

Far greater outputs especially in the hot days of summer is what you get with the best quality panels made.

Our systems and quality are superior.  Because we give you a solution and true energy engineering,  you always get more for less money spent with our systems.

We give LEDs at wholesale to all of our clients,  save thousands on your solar by adding LEDs!

Just fill out our online form for a free evaluation and quotation. 100% financing available to all clients, commercial and residential.  With our solutions you own your system no leasing traps or misleading information. Our systems pay  back in less than 4.5  years in most cases.  Ask about our RPO systems save up to 15% more energy and  they are guaranteed for 20yrs. We give you one for free with any solar purchase!